When it comes to blogging, I truly believe in community.  Especially when such powerful ministry is delivered through it.  Below are a list of blogs that have (and continue to) minister to me personally.  If you enjoy mine, you will want to check these out:


This is a dear friend of mine who holds to her unwavering belief in “Audacious Hope.”  She never ceases to inspire me with her perseverance through all things, and her vision for empowering the hopeless.  I highly recommend taking a look at her blog.

My Journey to Be The Tree I Was Created

Her blog posts are often lengthy, but well worth the read.  This is an intercessory missionary I know personally telling of all the wonderful things the Lord is doing in and through her life during her intensive missionary training.

All You Could Ask, and More . . .

Another intercessory missionary I know personally who is also a media messenger, which I myself am called to be.  She spends her life fascinated by His beauty.

By His Grace

I don’t know this young woman personally, but her blog has touched me.  She has a powerful testimony and a lot of great revelation about who God is and how He wants to touch our everyday lives.


One response to “Blogroll

  • byhisgrace211

    Thank you for mentioning me on your blogroll. You have dearly touched my heart. My blog has changed abit as I am going through some trials right now. I’ve had to step back a littlle bit from it but I’ll be posting more soon. God bless you sister!

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