International House of Prayer

A missions base in Kansas City, Missouri that hosts a prayer room that runs 24/7 to release day and night intercession.  They stream the prayer room live at all times for FREE for anyone who wants to tune in.  Their web site also includes various teachings, worship music, and other resources that I believe will be a valuable aid in your walk with the Lord.  I have seen these people with my own eyes truly live a fasted lifestyle with a sincere heart after God.


A digital version of the entire bible accessible via online as well as your smartphone!  You can sign up for any reading plan, AND if you download the app, it can even remind you to be in the word daily.  It is even easier to stay committed to eating our daily bread.  Also, users can share notes on scripture, bookmark favorite places, and more!

Bethel Music

Wonderful selection of worship music that will take you deeper with Him.  Not much more I can say than that.  If you haven’t experienced Kim Walker, Brian Johnson, Chris Quilala, or William Matthews, you’ll just have to listen for yourself.

Elijah List

A useful resource, frequently updated with recent prophetic words, prophecies, and teachings from several prophetic people throughout the world.  There’s a little something here for everyone, so see what God has for you!

Joshua House

An apostolic church in Texas that has a great podcast filled with teachings about how to live from the inside out with God.  I enjoy their Sunday morning podcasts regularly, so I encourage you to check it out as well.


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