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Zepheniah-inspired Poem

Quiet me with your love
Hold me in your arms
As my tears overflow
Until they have run dry
Surrendering beneath the sound
Of your humming, sweet and low.

Reassure my desperate hopes;
Rejoice over me with your beautiful song
Then I’ll know things will be okay
But more than that,
I’ll know they’ve been okay all along.

Stay here beside me
Until my fears collapse
Beaneath your wings
Making me feel so silly
For ever believing in such things

Stand mightily
Rescue me like the hero
I have always longed for.
Deal with those that oppress me.
Protect me until they are a threat no more.

Bring me back home.
Restore all that’s been stolen from me.
So that I can finally be with you
And walk in all the ways
You’ve created me to be.